What is Property Report and data does it contains?

Modified on Mon, 18 Mar 2024 at 11:15 AM

A property report offers a thorough overview of the hotel's performance, operations, and financial standing during a specific period. This document is crucial for hotel owners, investors, and management to evaluate the property's profitability, spot trends, and make well-informed decisions. Here's what a property report might include:

Master Report:

This comprehensive report consolidates all details regarding bookings, customer information, payments, and taxes into a single document.

Room Bookings Report:

Provides a detailed breakdown of room categories, including the number of rooms, nights booked, rate plans, occupancy details, and other relevant information.

Flash Manager Report:

A concise summary of today's, month-to-date, and year-to-date occupancy, Average Daily Rate (ADR), Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR), taxes, and other key metrics.

Sales Report:

Offers a date-wise performance overview of the hotel, including occupancy rates, ADR, RevPAR, revenue, payments, and other essential metrics.

Room Revenue Report:

Offers a detailed view of room revenue, services revenue, taxes, payments, and refunds grouped by booking ID, facilitating daily auditing processes.

Night Audit Report:

Provides a summary and detailed breakdown of house status, reservations, payments, and taxes as of any given day, recommended for review before day closure.

Folio Report:

A quick reference for guest folio balances and payments made, valuable for end-of-day balancing procedures.

Inventory Report:

Provides date-wise room inventory metrics such as total rooms, available rooms, blocked rooms, and rooms sold.

Shift Report:

A summary of all payment-related transactions conducted by hotel staff during their shifts.

BAR Pricing Report:

This report offers a detailed view of rates for default occupancy as configured at the room level, aiding in pricing strategy decisions.

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