How to view and configure the Night Audit report ?

Modified on Mon, 18 Mar 2024 at 11:16 AM

Night audit is a crucial accounting process that typically occurs overnight. It involves reconciling the financial transactions and accounts of the hotel for the day. The night audit process ensures accuracy in financial records, identifies discrepancies, and prepares reports for management.

How can I access the Night Audit report?

To access the Night Audit report:

  1. Go to your property dashboard and click "Go to Dashboard" on the Hotel Dashboard to reach your desired property.
  2. Navigate to More Apps and select Night Audit.
  3. Choose the Night Audit History option to view the report and its status. The report displays the status (Pending or Success) of the night audit for a specific date. If the audit is Pending, you can run it by clicking on the arrow next to the Pending status. Click on the "Run Night Audit" button below to execute the audit for the given date.

Successful audits display a "Success" status, while missed audits show a "Pending" status. Any changes to past-date bookings shift the status from "Success" to "Pending."

What are the options for configuring the Night Audit process?

You have two configuration options:

  1. Manual Mode: Requires daily manual audits.
  2. Auto Mode: Automates audits based on booking status, such as No Shows, Cancellations, and Pending departures.

What revenue is currently included in Night Audit reports?

Currently, revenue from rooms and Add-ons is included. There are plans to encompass revenue from other departments in the future.

How to get the Night Audit triggered to your email id ?

  1. Under the Night Audit configuration check for the option of Email notification.
  2. Input your email id to receive the Night Audit report at the defined time.
  3. If you wish to notify for multiple email id's, enter multiple email addresses separated by commas, without spaces before or after the commas.


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